Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dear new parents, you're going to miss this.

Dear new Mom and Dad,


I am writing this letter to let you know how this is a exciting time for you! So many first to come, first foods, first steps, first words. It is also a very exhausting time, sleepless nights, baby's first cold, stomach bug and so many other "events" to come. I am sure you keep hearing "oh it goes by so fast", I want to confirm with you that it does go by so fast.  I remember the fall of 2005 our first son was born. It was such a exciting time, I was so nervous and excited to welcome this new member of our family. I can remember him being about 6 weeks old, nursing every 2 hours and sleeping less. I was standing in my kitchen and said to my husband "when will his parents come and get him". I was used to being a nanny and sending those little bundles back to mom and dad.  Before long  he was no longer nursing and sleeping 12 hours a night. 2 1/2 years later our second bundle of love came. He was loud and proud!  We had even more sleepless nights due to his colic, and my severe PPD.   I remember a conversation I had with my step dad, my hero, during this "awful" time of my life. He told me that it will pass and wanted me to listen to a song by Trace Adkins "You're gonna miss this"   I remember listening to that song and laughing saying "YEA, NO, I will not miss this, I will not miss crying colic baby, a 2 1/2 yr old getting zero attention because I am going out of my mind. " Well truth be told 6 years later, I do miss it. I miss it a lot. I miss it to the point of tears. I miss my kids being home with me, our many adventures, our many first together, our naps, our cuddles, me kissing boo-boos, just them needing me and actually me needing them more.

So new parents, I am asking, no begging you to PLEASE, take a deep breath, Don't worry about the small stuff, the house will be clean again before you even realize. You will get caught up on the laundry, you will have time to shower and finally organize that closet that is messy, but for now take the time to sit on the floor with your baby, go for a walk. make these never ending days an adventure. Because I promise you you're going to miss this and you will never get this day back. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

PVC solar cover holder

We have a new pool and living in Michigan we need the solar cover. For those that have wondered if they really work, I can assure you solar covers do work. They work by raising the pool water tempature 1-2 degrees, which doesn't seem like much but what they really do is hold the tempature over night.  The issue with an above ground pool is where to put the solar cover while swimming? With kids, dogs and wanting green grass, the ground is a horrible option so after some pinning and visit to a Home Depot. My husband came up with this idea.... "U" shaped pvc attached to pool legs. 
It is 1 1/4" pvc, cut three pieces 1 foot, use two 90* elbows and two caps for each holder. Use pvc indoor/ outdoor cement and glue together.  we used 4 holders for a 16' round pool.  You will need clamps and zip ties to attach to legs of pool. 

It has worked really well for us. I would love to hear if you used this idea and what the results were. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lemonade Mouth Party

My youngest requested a Disney’s lemonade Mouth Party. I was excited because he was stepping outside the box of Star Wars or Superhero’s, however unlike many other Disney movies or shows there is NO Lemonade Mouth party supplies in stores or online. So I had to get real creative!

Here is a copy of the invitee. PLEASE feel free to copy and use for yourself.

carter 4th invite

I got so many complements on this, everyone loved it and thought it was so creative! Winking smile 

I went a on hunt to find creative centerpieces and anything else Lemonade Mouth Colors.

I started at Garden Ridge and wasn’t disappointed. I bought pinwheels, terracotta pots, Styrofoam and yellow tissue paper.

I painted the pots a glossy fire engine red, printed Lemonade mouth logos, cut black guitars out and assembled the final product!



Every party I do adult party favors and child party favors. The children get a collection of random items in a bag and adults get some sort of food. Cookies, Suckers, one year I did Sanders fudge. This year it was cookies.


And the cake. I had high hopes for this cake. In my mind it was much grander and creative. I wanted a spiral piano but my spiral didn’t wrap all the way around and because I took my little old time decorating this cake, there was no time to remake or start over. 


BE HEARD. BE PROUD. BE STRONG. and Make some noise!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Suave Keratin Treatment



First let’s start with the disclaimer: I was NOT paid for this review, I was not provided products for this review, I paid with my own money. Even if I was paid or product was given to me, you’d still get a honest review. On the side of the box is a “is this product right for me” read it and make sure it is!

Second: I did lose what seemed like a large amount of hair while applying this product. However given that I was brushing my wet hair for almost 20 mins, I guess it could be normal. Another thought is I have heard a few people complain that it thinned their hair out and they lost hair with Keratin treatments. The product is designed to cut curl and frizz, therefore it leaves you with much smoother thinner hair. In my first round of Keratin treatment I was left with, what some might say thinner hair. I would say smoother, sleeker hair. I am not a professional Hair dresser but I do have 1300 hours of hair school under my belt so I do know a thing or two about hair! Why I did didn’t finish those last 200 hours is another blog post for a raining sad day!

To see before pictures, and for a full comparison of this product and the salon version please read my Salon version review. Smooth as Ice and Smooth as Ice part two

Here is my hair air dried, this picture was taken some time ago but I can assure you this is my normal hair the day I applied this product.

hair before natural_thumb

BTW- sorry about the over load of my fat face! Smile with tongue out 


Here is a recent picture of my hair blow dried.

Christmas 3 (24)copy


So I read the directions several times. I didn’t want to miss a thing or make a mistake, as much as I joke I’m going to shave my hair. It’s not really something I want! The entire process from start to finish took about an hour and a half. I do say it would have been much more enjoyable had I had a friend help me apply the product, but I was excited to try it and couldn’t wait for the extra set of hands.

After my hour and a half process this is what I looked like.


My hair was very smooth and straight. Part of the process is adding heat to your hair. You HAVE to blow dry and or flat iron it to seal in the keratin or you just wasted time and money.

Next you can’t wash or pull your hair back for 48-72 hours… This is not fun and the worst part for me.

Day one (24 hours after treatment)


My hair was still very straight and soft.

Day two (48 hours after treatment)

No picture, sorry I’m not a fan of pictures of myself!

Day three (about 64 hours after treatment, 3 nights of sleeping on hair)


Washing my hair…………

Air drying my hair……….

Results of air dried hair.


I have too say I was impressed.  The results were very similar to the salon Keratin treatment. But….. YEP we have a but. It was short lived. It has been over a week and I find that my hair is stringy and not as soft as it was before this treatment. If I blow dry it it does stay straight though out the day and night, but again it feels not as soft, the other think is the treatment strips your color, so as of today I have multi tone hair, my roots are part black and grey, the rest is copper color. Which on some people that works, but for me I like my hair dark! I also found that my Jewish side curls haven’t gone anywhere. I still have them and this treatment did nothing for them or the kinks on my front hair line.

So my final results are LET THE PROFESSINALS in a salon do the real Keratin treatment. It last much longer and makes your hair as smooth as silk.


I am giving this product 3 out 5 Lilacs. I ranked it a little higher because the cost was only $50, for the Treatment, special shampoo, dry shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

Monday, March 19, 2012

We all know one and probably love one….

You know what I am talking about, the “debbie downers” in our lives.


I was surprised to find out a friend is pregnant. She had about 30+ post of “Hey , congrats”, “WOW, that’s great” “you’ll be a great mom” and then enters debbie….. “Hey well I am getting a divorce” then and hour later she post “oh yea congrats”



I’d love to hear about the “debbie’s” or “donny’s”  in your life.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's start over....

Well as you can see, I have created a new look and new name for the blog. I have a lot of idea and I need to get them out of my head and into yours. ;-) So I decided to give the blog yet ANOTHER make-over and create a new facebook page, for the blog. I know, I know.... The last thing I need is something else to fuel my A.D.D. but I love to share, so enjoy this awesome, crazy, hot mess of a ride with me!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cherry Chip Cookies

Winter 4 (9)

Cherry Chips are making a come back, at least in this house they are.

I have this basic recipe, I have had it for sometime now and I wish I could credit who gave it to me because these are so YUMMY!. It’s hand written with no name and no credit, so if it belongs to you, let me know!


1 cup margarine

1 cup confectioners sugar

1 teaspoon PURE vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups sifted all- purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 cup rolled oats

1 cup cherry chips * in my neck of the woods, cherry chips are not easy to come by, the local bulk food store is the only place to find them other than online.


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F

On medium speed mix margarine, sugar and vanilla until combined, it will have a curdled look. Add sifted flour and baking soda, mix until well combined. Stir in oats and then cherry chips.

drop tablespoon sized balls, I use this…. 

Bake for about 10 minutes. Enjoy warm or cold but always with a glass of milk!

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